Fog lights*

The fog lights integrated into the front apron produce a wide dispersed beam pattern on the road, which is optimised for poor visibility conditions. They provide good visibility – in spite of fog, snow or rain. Because the light from the fog lights is aimed at a considerable angle away from the driver’s line of vision, hardly any light is reflected back to the driver as glare. This maintains a long visibility range and the driver can still see well in spite of the fog.

Fog lights increase safety during driving in poor visibility conditions. In adverse weather, they make orientation easier for the driver. The driver’s field of vision is extended forwards in fog, snow and rain, and the beam illuminates a wider area of road, making it easier to follow the sides of the lane. The driver's view is not impaired by glare – as happens with the main headlight beam – caused by scattered light from the vehicle’s own headlights. This is because the fog light reflector spreads the beam to a horizontal band and produces an optimum illumination of the side areas.

The light is distributed with a clear border between bright and dark. The overall effect is no reflection back to the driver’s field of vision, but a light that extends the driver's view ahead. The fog lights make it easier to see other road users when driving in poor visibility conditions. But also your own vehicle can be seen earlier by others, thus increasing active safety on the road.

* Optional equipment on some models. Please check with your local Audi dealer.