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Audi Consumer Loan
This is an easy, effective way of spreading the cost of your Audi vehicle. It’s a loan that provides great flexibility by allowing you to:

  • Choose the term
  • Set a final lump sum (balloon payment) or elect not to have one
  • Select from weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • Opt to pay an initial deposit thereby reducing your repayments
  • Include registration, insurance and on-road costs in the loan

Better still, you can rest easy knowing that there’ll be no unwanted surprises along the way as our interest rate is fixed for the duration of the contract. Once your contract is completed, you’ll own your car outright.

Audi Hire Purchase
If you’re in business and you primarily use your car for work, this could be of interest to you.* You can tailor your repayments to suit your cash flow and opt to pay an initial deposit or a balloon payment at the end of the contract.

You choose a term of between one and five years and once you complete the contract and exercise your option the vehicle becomes yours. While you should seek the assistance of a qualified accountant, Audi Hire Purchase may provide you with tax deductions if you use your vehicle to generate income.

Audi Chattel Mortgage
This is an innovative finance method that has been specifically designed to cater to small business owners. Unlike Hire Purchase, Audi’s Chattel Mortgage gives you ownership of your vehicle from the outset of your contract but without any capital outlay.

You choose the term and spread the purchase cost over this time. If you wish, you can even finance your registration, insurance and on-road costs. The equity you build up in the vehicle remains yours and, depending on your business circumstances, interest may be tax deductible.*


Audi Novated Lease (Salary Packaging)
If you’re an employee seeking tax benefits, a Novated Lease may be a smart way to finance your vehicle. And if you’re an employer, a Novated lease can be a simple, cost-effective way to add value to your employees’ remuneration packages.

Put simply, it’s an agreement between the employee, employer and Audi Finance that allows employees to purchase a new Audi from their pre-tax salary. Running costs and Fringe Benefits Tax can also be paid pre-tax by the employer and registration, vehicle insurance and on-road costs can be included as part of the package.

A Novated Lease offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Fixed repayments and interest rates
  • Your choice of term
  • Flexibility with the choice of vehicle
  • The opportunity to lease more than one vehicle
  • Possible tax benefits even though your vehicle is used for private purposes

A Novated Lease agreement specifies that the employer assumes the responsibility for lease payments (other than the residual value payment) for the period of the lease or until the employee leaves his or her employment, in which case the obligation to make the lease payments passes back to the employee. Naturally, you should consult your accountant for more detailed tax advice.*

Audi Business Lease
Our lease is designed to give businesses as much financial flexibility as possible. You determine your payment terms and, at the end of the lease, you may elect to refinance the vehicle for the residual value or make us an offer to buy the vehicle. Alternatively, you can trade your Audi in and buy or lease a new one. In some circumstances you can even use an Audi Lease to finance a used vehicle.

Because we set an agreed residual at the start of the lease, your monthly repayments tend to be lower than with other forms of finance. Budgeting is also easier thanks to our fixed interest rates, which mean that your repayments remain the same throughout the term of the lease. Your accountant will be able to detail any potential tax benefits that may arise from leasing your vehicle.*

* Customers should consult their accountant for specific advice.

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